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Hr Services with Whitehouse Financial means you are in safe hands with our very own dedicated Human Resources support team! If you are interested in finding out about how working with a HR services company can benefit not just your business please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.
We save you vital time, money and reducing your exposure to financial risk in the form of penalty fines and expensive lost employment tribunal claims.  You are not alone, it becomes difficult when you’re trying to manage everything & everyone, having to manage your personal life, manage your staff, manage your business – it starts to get on top of you and become a massive burden and a great task to deal with. It does not have to be this way, Whitehouse Financial can take away that stress, those hassles and those big headaches for you.
Our Hr Services are tailored to you personally & your businesses needsr

We work in partnership with our clients to define the scope of work. We cover all aspects of the core areas of HR as well as the specialist HR areas.
We also offer extensive Hr support in reducing costs for your business by means of redundancy support

HR Services | Policy's & Procedures

We can review your Existing Policies and Procedures for you so that you don’t need to worry! – We provide a thorough analysis of your Company’s HR Policies and HR Procedure requirements which can be done by outlining key areas and points of focus.

Drafting of new Policies and Procedures – We can provide your business with a set of revised or new HR Policies and Procedures. We are also able to provide HR supporting documents as and when required.



We can offer our advice on any employee issue that your workforce may have whilst also keeping an eye on any issues that may arise, we can investigate and resolve these matters wherever needed so that you don’t have to!

We want to  improve your relationships and collaboration in the workplace for you.

HR Services | Employee Relations

We conduct a “needs” analysis of the Company’s Employment Contract requirements and review existing Contract templates or compile new Employment Contracts where needed whilst also ensuring adherence to relevant legislation.

We offer our clients professional advice and Hr support pertaining to any operational requirements, restructuring processes to ensure compliance with required legislation.

HR Services| Organisational Reconstructuring
HR Services| We save you time

We provide the Service of a compilation of Job Profiles –  Have a chat with our Hr services team to find out more..

Where required we professionally implement a Performance Review and assist line managers with the assistance and guidance of this too.

Hr Services | Performance Management
HR Services | Onboarding

With our extensive skillset, we conduct an analysis of the company’s needs and assist with an onboarding and induction programme. Our aim is to get the new employees / hires well adjusted to the company culture as well as the performance aspects of their particular role.

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