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Bespoke Financial Planning Services

We understand that everyone’s financial situation is different, it’s not only personal but bespoke to you which is why we are very careful & particular when choosing who we work with. We work with a leading IFA partner whose services are second to none! We can put you in touch with a Financial Planning adviser who will spend a lot of their time with you, discussing your individual requirements, ensuring they provide the best solution possible.  

A Financial Planning Adviser will help with your financial plans either for now or in the future. Whatever your requirements, they’ll do their utmost to help you.

Together, We have a wide range of Financial Planning services to offer you.

It doesn’t have to be a headache, Whitehouse Financial are here to make it an easy process for you, it’s even easier when you’re dealing with someone who knows the score!

This is something you want to put at the back of your mind as it causes such emotional stress, that won’t make it go away!

Divorces are never an easy process however Whitehouse Financial can take that stress away & certainly make it easier. We have a network of advisers at hand who have helped many customers like you in similar situations.

Divorce is, unfortunately getting rather common these days! Splitting of pension assets and your finances is a regular occurrence where you’ll find yourself needing the best advice & guidance, giving you peace of mind.

Get in touch today and book your no obligation initial consultation. 

Speak with a Financial Planner and get your Financial Plan sorted! It’s a pretty important task in your life, whether you only have a few pennies or are rich! It’s important to know where your money is going & where you realistically would like to be financially in the future opposed to where you will be!

A Financial plan helps you see the “bigger” picture and helps you set long & short-term life goals. Start mapping out your financial future now before it’s too late!

Plan a “Financial Holiday” for when you retire so you benefit financial freedom, protect & plan what you want to leave your family when you depart. It’s a sore subject and one that most people don’t want to discuss but it’s crucial not to leave it behind!

There are many options to discuss & without a professional giving you advice you may get yourself in a financial mess especially if you were to put your wealth/assets in the wrong place. By speaking with a professional financial planner your money won’t just be in safe hands but they will also advise what the best route is to grow your wealth!

Most people want investments that are safe, don’t lose any money & offer high returns – just like most people want their cake and want to eat it too!  If this was an option then everyone would take this route & would be very well off! Be Careful of anyone who promises otherwise.

What would you want to invest in and Why? How long are you looking to invest for and for who?

Be Sensible, only invest what you can afford to potentially lose! You don’t want to not be able to afford that much needed set of wheels or that house you’ve been saving up for.

You may need to open up to accepting some level of short-term risk with an investment as no investment is guaranteed to be SAFE – Perhaps consider that risk for investments that may achieve your retirement goals or give you financial freedom in time.

We can help you create your game plan, choosing those investments that are appropriate for your needs whilst also using investments that suit your attitude to risk.

Investment Planning Advice
Pension Planning

Do you have a pension set up already? Do you need your existing pension plan reviewed to make sure you are on track for your future?

Many people set their pensions up last minute or not at all, telling themselves they’ll set one up next year or forget to contribute to their pension at all as if it’s a trivial matter and a waste of money. This would most likely be the worst decision of your life as without a pension, you will be financially unstable and have nothing to fall back on nor be able to lead the lifestyle you have become accustomed to!

What will you live on when you retire? Very rarely do you have the option to work your whole life..You want a break at some point surely? and to make sure your family are looked after? Even if you put £10 a month into your pension pot it’s something, you will be grateful when you do come to retire.

Put your future in your hands. Have a chat with one of our advisers to make sure that your future is financially looked after, as no one else will.

Is peace of mind for the future important to you?! You have worked hard, put a substantial amount of time & effort into building and growing your wealth over the years so wouldn’t you be crazy not to protect your wealth for you and your family’s sake?!

Protection planning is a way of protecting both you and your family’s future so that you & your family are financially stable in the short and the longer term.

One of the essential things that an adviser will do is help make sure that you can all live the life that you have been accustomed to without any unnecessary or unwanted change!

Protection Planning can include insurances such as Life protection, Critical illness cover, Income protection. Most people do not understand what these policies are or what they could mean to them, if they did everyone would snap a policy up straight away!

No need to worry about which one is suitable for you! We work with only the best of advisers to explain which policy would be best for you and why! 


Protection Planning
Retirement Planning

Are you Looking to Retire? Have you got a Retirement Plan in place? If you have an existing plan in place, have you had a quarterly Review? Will you and your family be able to continue living the life you are all accustomed to once you do retire? 

There is a lot to think about when you retire however it does not need to be a headache as we are here to help you get the right advice and planning in place so that you can retire happily without stress.

All  clientele are different and will require bespoke advice tailored to their individual needs  and wants as we all like to spend our money differently.

Have you got your finances in order? Have you invested correctly? Are your assets in the right hands and being managed properly?

Wealth Management Advice is best suited to affluent clients.

Wealth management is a higher level investment advisory service where our Wealth Advisers create a bespoke tailored investment strategy for their clients to help them manage their assets.

We provide an array of financial planning services that allow us to help you with your financial plans for now and the future. 

Wealth Management

Frequently Asked Questions

Financial Planning

Financial Planning in short is about how you manage your money!  Financial planning advice is all about helping you getting your finances in order! Our network of advisers help advise and make a Financial plan to ensure that you personally or your business is achieving your goals and objectives successfully both short and long term.

A Financial Plan should explain each of the activities, resources, equipment and materials that are needed to achieve your objectives and should also include a timeframe stating how long it should take to complete all tasks to achieve the desired objectives.

It would be in your best interest to have you Financial Plan reviewed from time to time as not only does it allow your adviser to make sure that you are still on track with achieving your goals, if you are doing well then it also gives your adviser the chance to make sure you stay on that same path as it’s obviously working!

Anything can happen! Circumstances change that can easily effect your Financial Plan and can have a huge effect in all aspects.

 Financial Plans are typically reviewed every 1-2 years however its always best to have them reviewed if your circumstances change at all.

Pensions in Divorce Planning

Usually in a Divorce, everything you own (All your Assets) are divided between you both. When it comes to your pension, it is up to you whether you want to include it in your marital assets and whether you would want to share it or not! your pension assets should be taken into account in the settlement. You can get some of your partner’s pension income, the lump sum or both however you can’t get pension payments before your ex-partner has started taking their pension. It’s not compulsory to share your pensions in a divorce. As a couple you can come to an informal agreement, but it will need to be legally documented and it’s always best to seek proper advice first.

You and your ex-partner or partner will each need to tell the Court the value of your pensions when going through a Divorce. However, you don’t just have the right to know the value of your ex-partner’s or partner’s pension pot!

Investment Planning

Investment planning is a process of matching your financial goals and objectives with your financial resources. Investment planning is an important part of financial planning. It is impossible to have one part without the other.

A proper financial plan you would have discussed your personal circumstances, objectives and risk tolerance with your financial adviser. This information is a great help when choosing the right types of investments to fit your needs, personality, and goals.

The Answer is no they are certainly not the same however work in conjunction with each other.

Financial planning is the more detailed framework whereas Investing planning is the nitty-gritty of the execution of the plan.

Investing plays an important role in a successful financial plan, it’s not the plan itself.

Yes, of course you can! We are able to review your existing investments and check to see whether they are still suitable for you. On of our Advisers will make sure they get to understand your personal circumstances and objectives, They will assess your attitude to Risk and design a portfolio that can meet your goals & objectives. The adviser will analyse all of your data, they will then present this to you in a report, showing you exactly what you have and any recommendations to get your investments working better for you.

Pension Planning

 A pension plan is basically just a pot of cash that you, and your employer, can pay into. which you get tax relief on and is also a way of saving up for your retirement.

Companies fund private pensions and taxpayers fund the pensions of state employees. Both public and private sector employees may be asked to contribute to their pensions through payroll deductions.

It depends on how you take your pension as this will affect how you can leave it to your beneficiary (the person who inherits it) when you die. Most pensions allow anyone to inherit your pension – they don’t have to be your spouse or civil partner! It’s best to ask your adviser this question as they will explain all factors involved in more detail.

Private pensions  are very similar to a workplace pension but are set up by you rather than your employer. When you reach the age of 55, you can take your private pension either as a lump sum, use it to buy an annuity (a guaranteed income) or leave it invested and take out cash amounts when you need to via drawdown, it’s entirely up to you however its best getting some advice on this as it does depend on everyone’s individual circumstances as to the best approach.

Retirement Planning

The earliest age that you can take your benefits would be age 55, except for members with a protected Normal Minimum Pension Age of 50. For defined benefit pension (DB) schemes, the Normal Pension Age is 65, this is the age at which benefits are paid in full at. There are some exceptions to this, depending on the Scheme and when the benefits were built up. If you take your benefits early, they will be reduced to reflect the fact that they are being paid over a longer period.

It’s always best to get the correct advice when it comes to taking your pension to see whether it’s the right time and how much is best to take etc.

This will depend on the type of pension that you have and the options you choose.

You can set up a retirement plan at whatever age you like, the earlier you start planning for your retirement the better off you will be! There are several types of retirement plans and the set up dates depend on the type of plan that is being introduced by the individual and/or employer. One of our advisers would be happy to help you plan and advise on which plan would be best for you and your desired plans.

Firstly, you would need to have a good think and decide what it is you would realistically want to achieve financially. Financial goals might include early retirement, travel, a holiday, a holiday home abroad somewhere, securing your family’s financial comfort on the death of a bread-winner, planning for the care of elderly relatives/care home or building a family business, it could be anything you wish.

Wealth Management

Wealth management is where you have advisers offer their investment advice services that also includes other financial services to meet the needs of affluent clients. A wealth management advisor is a high-level professional who manages an affluent client’s wealth for a one set fee.

One of the main differences between financial planners and wealth managers is that wealth managers manage literal wealth so in other words you already need to be wealthy for them to manage your wealth, while financial planners manage the finances of everyday clients who want to get ahead, plan and achieve their desired goals.

You need a minimum amount of funds/Assets. You should consider a wealth manager if you have a high net worth and want comprehensive management of your finances. 

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